Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Speed Bumps Ahead... and Behind

Although I have not posted anything since the Home Inspection, it's not because we've just been breezing by awaiting closing. Our realtor had us fearing that we wouldn't close on time because of the underwriting process- Nope! Underwriting was finished a week ago. For whatever reason, Our mortgage lender has attacked my financial situation from every angle. I can only attribute this to the fact that my income is greater and thus needs to be justified above all else. Unfortunately having to verify and re verify and verify again my employment and income is a problem when I am a government contractor and my contract went up for bid this month! So it's now been a week since I found out I am in fact likely keeping my job, but, there is a form we need filled out by my "new" employer and that is taking time. I'll take a moment to sigh now.

Ha! But in better news, we finally have most of the furniture for the nursery! Only 2 weeks to go before this little guy is due to make his big debut! His room will likely be full of boxes for the rest of the year but I think I can take on the additional challenge of getting that set up before family visits for Christmas. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Inspection... Not so bad?

Due to the woes of late pregnancy exhaustion I'm several days late updating the latest on our first home purchase process. I really, really, wish I had remembered to take pictures as we went along. Overall things were not bad. The roof needs to be replaced in "3-5 years" as we expected, there's some damage to the furnace (the seller agreed to have that serviced), there's oxidation around the connections for the hot water heater and a double tap in the electrical panel in the workshop garage (which they'll be putting money into our escrow account to pay for those repairs). Things could have gone a lot worst so I am thankful! 

Now here's the real kicker- we live on the east coast of Virginia. We've weathered dozens of hurricanes. Apparently some people have not had as much luck as we have and most insurance companies will not provide a homeowners insurance policy. It's completely frustrating going through the lengthy quote process just to receive a 10 second "sorry but we can't write a policy for that area" call. But alas! Thank you Allstate! Looks like we are also changing our car insurance to them as well. 

Can things get any more hectic for one month?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shall we Agree to Disagree?

One week and 3 days later, we finally have a ratified contract on our house! I'm told that it wouldn't ordinarily take this long but the seller had relocated to another state for work, and his company hired a relocate company to handle the sale of the house. So it was me and my husband against the seller, relocate company, and the listing agent. Terms were agreeable to both parties but, boy oh boy, those relocate companies have so much paperwork! At long last though, everything is signed and ratified!

Next up? Home Inspection!
I cannot wait until Friday!