Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the beginning...

FINALLY! After several years of attempting to buy my first home, the time has come! When I began this process almost 4 years I never thought that I would be buying my first place with a husband and our first child on the way, nor did I think we would be buying a house in Hampton, VA. But I (sorry) WE are and it's begun. It didn't take looking at that many houses. Some were beautiful on the outside, scary on the inside, and others were OK but just not in the ideal location. I've always needed to live near water and I'm never going to stop being a beach girl so to have found what we have found I'm certain stars aligned right in time. 
So here she is! Not at all what I had imagined in my mind, trust me! But she's strong, and beautiful on the inside. I just have a lot of work ahead of me (once we settle things with the seller). Waiting truly is the hardest part. I'm itching to pull those ugly window shades, or whatever it is that they're called down, and start painting... and changing the floor... and removing the breezeway... and adding a laundry room in the house... The list is endless. Clearly I'm thinking like she's already in my name, but she is not yet mine. Soon enough though, I'm sure her current owner will agree to our terms and I can get started!